As a board certified Chiropractic Neurologist  I have had great results treating  various  forms of dizziness and balance disorders. 

The first thing I focus on is to gently improve and normalize function of the cervical spine. Here is where I help the vast majority of dizziness (vertigo). 

I will usually find areas in the cervical spine (neck) that are in constant contraction. This can constantly stress the spine reducing blood flow and attenuates nerve flow.

I will move the head in specific positions and apply gentle pressure (traction) to specific areas of the spine to release the contractions. This usually give pain relief and increases range of motion.   

This treatment alone usually stops 80% of the acute or chronic dizziness cases I see.

If some symptoms continue then I will do specific vestibular / cerebellar treatments 

and give home "anti- dizziness" exercises.

This is usually specific for each persons condition and is very useful, when or if vertigo occurs again in the future, the maneuvers gives you the ability to control it. 

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