There is a whole world of health care that is virtually overlooked. It involves body reflexes.  Neuro-physio balancing (NPB) is a study of body reflex function. Consider the immune system, it is purely reflexive. The  allergic reactions causing symptoms like runny nose, swelling membranes, sneezing, itching and the list goes, on are subconscious reactions which are body reflexes. NPB can help reduce or stop these reactions without medications. On the other hand, if you are taking medications and your body is reacting to them, you will probably produce more reactive symptoms than the desired effect of the medication. Often (NPB) can help reduce the reactions (symptoms) of an important medication. The medication tends to have a more beneficial effect with much fewer side effects.

                  Symptoms for many people may be due to their body reacting to something in their diet or something they are taking whether it be medication or vitamin supplements.

                  It is amazing to find that the very reason a person is hurting all over, is due to certain  parts of their diet. What we eat, drink or take can be the very cause of most of our health problems. (NPB) has a fast effective and safe way of testing to see if you are reacting to milk, wheat,  or that new supplement you are taking.   We also react to chemicals we are exposed to like cleaning products, or building products.

                 You  should not hurt all over, especially day after day. You shouldn't have frequent headaches or constant stomach or bowel disorders. You are not supposed to feel run down with chronic fatigue or be depressed. These can be symptoms of reactions to various exposures or something you are eating drinking or taking. NPB can test and treat these reflexes by discovering what may be causing your symptoms, and balance body reflex points that may help stop symptoms. My goal has been to be the best chiropractor in Amarillo; FEEL THE DIFFERENCE WITH NPB TREATMENTS