Why ArthroStim?

The ArthroStim  (AS) instrument is used to specifically stimulate muscle, bone and cartilage. The vast majority of my patients love it.  Our goal is to provide the best chiropractic care in Amarillo

Stimulating the bone : helps to increase blood flow to the bone. No matter how much calcium, glucosamine sulfate or D3 you take, if there isn't adequate blood flow to the bone, then not enough will get there. The bone weakens and becomes thin, contributing to arthritis and osteoporosis. AS seems to activate osteoblast activity as we have many cases where bone density increased. 


Stimulating the cartilage:  AS stimulation in specific directions with isolated traction helps reduce joint pain and stimulates chondrocytes to increase joint strength.  AS stimulation moves the joint to help hydrate and increase blood flow. This treatment can also reduce joint pain and swelling. 


Reducing chronic muscle spasm: a dysfunction in a joint, or spinal cord can cause chronic muscle spasm. This can occur in the neck (causing chronic neck pain or headaches), shoulders, mid back or low back. You can rub, stretch or put heat on the chronic muscle knots but they continue to return, until you FIND THE SOURCE and reduce or stop the dysfunction there.


          Chronic muscle spasm can contribute to hip pain and degeneration as well as knee problems. Chronic leg pain and (Restless legs) can be due to chronic muscle spasms in the legs and from problems in the neck or mid back. AS can increase blood flow and reduce pressure to the neck (cervical spine) and mid back (thoracic spine) which can reduce chronic muscle spasm in hips legs and feet. This has reduced or stopped restless leg symptoms in many of my patients.   

​Leaky Bladder (urinary incontinence) ​Many of my patients are surprised with the improvement in their ability to hold their urine after treatments. We will focus on certain areas in the spine and do reflex balancing for the bladder.


If relief of symptoms do not occur within one to three visits, then referral to other health care providers may be in order. We  encourage a multiple doctor approach  for various symptoms or conditions that may be beyond our scope.